Case Study


Case Study



  • 70% Leads Converted
  • 280% Increase In PPC Leads
  • 50% Reduction In Cost per leads
  • 277 Real Estate Leads In 90 Days
  • 138 Leads In Last 30 Days.

Result: Gorillayard is successful in continuously providing quality leads to our client from which nearly 70% of leads have converted as a result of boosting client’s business growth by the sales of their warehouses expanding across cuttack & generating high ROI

Brief Description:

Our Client is a high brand name in the field of Real Estate In Odisha having multiple real estate properties starting from warehouses to apartments to office spaces & more. The main goal of the client was to sell their new real estate properties especially warehouses which are expanding all over across Odisha & generate large no of quality leads which can be converted but unfortunately before us they were working with another digital marketing agency which due to some reason were unable to generate quality leads as comparison to the amount they were charging monthly to the client.

Then the project was handed on to us. At first we did a complete analysis of the campaigns & why they were not working and remove all the faults present in the campaigns. Then we moved on to through research of completely understanding our client’s goal & the market they want to target and according to that we set the perfect demographics & other tweaks of the campaign which resulted in the campaign to work great.

Facebook AD Campaign:

We started with first completing rebuilding the client’s facebook page to look like a branded page which describes the client’s business to prospect customers easily. Then in the second phase we went on the analysing the complete target market of the client, understanding how the customers are engaging with similar campaigns, which demographics are the best for campaign that can be converted, doing a brief competitor analysis. In the third phase we created the perfect campaign which resulted in rapid increase in quality inquiries which resulted in rapid leads & conversion, we were able to reduce cost per leads by 50% & 280% increase in lead generation.

Our campaign was continuously able to reach large no of people which results in increase in no of ad clicks & impressions though keeping the spending less. Making the landing page more attractive & definitive also provide us the edge in improving the campaign.



The above is the complete description of how our digital marketing services have helped in growing our client’s business in a very short span of time and that to during COVID 19 pandemic when many businesses have struggled to survive.

We are successful in continuously providing best & fruitful results to our client every month even with more better results every month as comparison to the previous month. This has resulted in a very strong professional relationship with our client and the trust they have built upon us.

Our mission is to provide our clients a single platform for all their digital marketing needs & carrying out every inch of work we can to deliver what we promised our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that the brand or business that is associated with us must continuously grow & achieve all their marketing goals.

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